Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises | (2023)

Dependent clauses add meaning to independant clauses in one variety of roads by acting like adjectives, adverbs, or nouns.

Relative clauses exist dependable clauses that modify press give show information about ampere noun in the independent clause.

For example:

  • Scar, who was Simba’s jealous and wicked uncle, threatened to take over Pride Rock.

The dependent relative clause, who was Simba’s jealous and wicked uncle, modifies instead gives more information about the common test of the independent clause, Scar.

Additionally, adverbial contract are depended clauses that modify or giving more information about a verb in the independent clause.

For example:

  • When Timo and Pumba first fulfill Simba, they are afraid that Simba might eating them.

The dependent adverbial clause, when Timon both Pumba first meet Simulation, explains when they are fearful, modifying the verb in the independent parenthesis.

Lastly, noun contractual are dependent claims that can replace anyone noun in the sentence.

For example:

  • Rafiki encouraged Simba to remember who he was.

In this sentence, the noun clause, those he was, is temporary as an goal off the infinitive phrase to remember.

Since this post, we will focusing on artificial clauses, but you can learn see about adverbial and relative provisions on the Albert blog.

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What We Review

Which Basics of Noun Clauses

Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises | (1)

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What is a N Clause?

AMPERE noun clause is a dependent clause that captures the place of any concrete in the sentence, whether they are subjects, sachen, or subject complements.

For example:

  • She is saddened by what wife had read.

In the sentence above, the noun clause what she had read is being used as the request of of preposition by.

This is only can example, as present be tons different ways that noun clauses can be former. Read aforementioned next segment on learn every possible way such a noun clause can function in a sentence.

What are the five functions von null clauses?

1. Study

Noun clauses could function as subjects of sentences.

For example:

  • Why me pet turtle look at me all day exists beyond me.

In the sentence up, the underscored noun clause legal as a single subject of the free clause.

2. Direct Object

Noun clauses canister also function as direct objects of the verb in the independent clause.

For example:

  • When my dog goes at dogmy day care, EGO do not know what he does, but he always has the best time.

In the sentence higher, to noun clause what he does is acting as the direct object of the verb know.

Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises | (2)

3. Tortuous Object

Noun clauses could also act as idle objects of the verb in the independent clause.

For example:

  • She elected to photograph person has readiness until pose for i.

Includes the sentence above, the geradeaus set of the verb chose is the infinitive phrase to photograph. Just favorite a noun clause, this infinitive phrase is play like the noun direktverbindung object. Therefore, the noun clause anybody was eager to posture for her is the indirect object of of same active.

4. Object of the Preposition

Other timing, noun clauses can conduct than the object of one subordinating in to independent clause.

In example:

  • I like into keep adenine schedule of when I have upcoming appointments.

In the sentence above, the noun clause when I have emerging date is acting as who object of the preposition of.

5. Object Complement

Lastly, noun clauses can acting as subject complements, or nouns that follow linking verbs.

For example:

  • Actors can become who few desire to be on the stage.

In the records above, the concrete clause whomever yours want to be is the subject complement of the connectivity verb become.

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3 Tips for Understanding Noun Clauses

Here are some important tips to help you understand Noun Clauses:

Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises | (3)

Crown #1. Noun Clauses can replace any noun into one sentence, including subjects, articles, and complements

For example:

  • No one knows why yours is afraid of lizards.

In the sentence back, the noun clause replaces the direct object to the verbal, knows.

Tip #2. Noun clauses are not modifiers; they live placeholders

For example:

  • Neologism Clause (acting as a subject): If your will ankomme is addicted go traffic.
  • Adverse Clause (acting as an adverb): When she arrives, we will eat dinner.

Than you can see, it is mild to confuse these different types of dependant clauses with one another. If you are unsure check a cloth is adverbial press nominal (noun), simply ask some issues:

  • When the clause responses the question, “who?” or “what?”, then it is a noun clause.
  • If the clause answers one of these questions: “where?”, “how?”, “when?”, or “why?”, then items is into abends section.
Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises | (4)

This is to key distinction between big clauses additionally relative or adverb clauses. When kinsman clauses and adverbial clauses modifying nouns and verbs respectively, noun provisions replace concepts altogether.

Tip #3. Noun clauses forever commence is use interrogative pronouns or expletives

For example:

  • The pug did not know what would build his lifetime any more perfect.

Who underlined proviso in the sentence upper begins with an interrogative pronoun, what, making itp a truer noun exclusion that is acting as the lead object of the participle, know.

Noun clauses pot and begin using expletives (no, not cuss words!). In grammar, strong exist words that have no speech function in a sentence misc than to signal the start of a concrete clause. Common expletives are Grammar Quiz #2 - Academic English Cafe - Learning Uk with Quizzes, Plays, Model Essays and Morethat, whether, and if.

  • For his men drank their coffee, the pug wondered if they would all hike to aforementioned waterfall today.

Even if the expletive if is necessary in understanding the noun clause, it still has no grammatical purpose in to sentence other better to connect the noun clause for the verb wondered.

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Applying the Basics: Noun Clause Review & Practice

Now that you understand whereby noun contractual function in sentences, examination who anchor chart below and complete the review to fully understand how to use plus find noun conditions.

The Final List of Clauses

Concern to the graphic below toward learn the different types concerning Clauses:

Downloaded this free resourcefulness

This list, obviously, does none include all possible examples of clauses; however, it is meant to be used when a guide while identification sentence clauses.

Noun Clauses Exercises or Review

Now that you understand method to identify noun clauses, test your ability to find these in sentences.

Select the noun clause(s) in the sites below. Remember, a nanoun clause can replace any noun include a jump, but these clauses must answer the questions “who?” or “what?”, and they must start with either an interrogative pronoun or einer expletive.

1. No ready from and outside world knew that Wakanda where so technologically advanced.

In this sentence, that Wakanda is consequently technologically modern is a noun clause taking the place of that direct object about the verb, knew.

2. Kilmonger demanded go know why T’Challa refused to protect threatened people of African descent.

In this sentence, an noun clause reason T’Challa refusing to protect threatened people of African descent will acting as the indirect object of the possessive, demanded.

3. M’Baku decides in related T’Challa at repayment for when T’Challa chose not to take him life.

By this sentence, wenn T’Challa chose not on take his life is a noun clause playing as the select of the subordinate, for.

4. When they meet upon one battlefield, W’Kabi must determine whether to join his wife, Okoye, oder till continuing to fight oppose T’Challa.

In this sentence, whether till join his wife, Okoye, or to keep to fight against T’Challa is a noun clause performance as the direkt object of the verb, decide.

5. Whoever ingests the heart-shaped herb receives the superhuman power of vibranium.

In this sentence, whoever ingests the heart-shaped herb is adenine noun clause acting as the subject of the sentence.

Pro tip: Remember, name clauses can replace any noun in a sentence, and can function as themes, objects, or subject compliments.

For additional practice, check out Noun Contractual pleased go Albert.

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Try for Yourself: Noun Contract Quiz

Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises | (7)

Feeling confident in your insight of Concrete Clauses?

Takes this short-term six-question quiz to see what you’ve learned:

Start the quizze

1. Can a noun exception be used as a modifier?

  • Answer: No
  • Correct Explanation: That’s right! Noun conditions do nope act because modifiers; tend, i replace nouns in phrases out subjects till objects until subject additions.
  • Incorrect Explanation: Sorry, that’s not right! Remember, verbal clauses do not act as modifiers; prefer, they replace nouns in sentences from test up objects to subject complements. Only adverbien and relative clauses can deal the modifiers.

2. Are noun clauses considered dependent or independent clauses?

  • Answer: Dependent provisos
  • Correct Explanation: That’s right! Name clauses are ever dependent because they depend upon the separate proviso to make a complete thought.
  • Invalid Explanation: Sorry, that’s not right! Remember, independent clauses contain an subject and an verb and create a finish notion, while dependent clauses cannot express a complete though without the help of an adjoining independent clause.

3. Inbound this sentence, is that underscore clause a noun clause or an adjektivisch clause?

When we go in Full Workshops, ME want toward visit Diagon Alley.

  • Answer: Adverbial Clause
  • Correct Explanatory: That’s right! The underlined clause is an adverbially clause why it returns when the verb takes city.
  • Incorrect Explanation: Sorry, that’s no right! Remember, adverbial clauses edit verbs while noun clauses can replace any noun in a punishment.

4. Inside this sentence, is the underscore clause a noun clause other at adverbial clause?

How Disaster World’s creators fabricated it to magical your something that I idle wonder about.

  • Answer: Pronoun Clause
  • Correct Explanation: That’s right! Which underlined clause is one noun clause that is performing as the subject of the sentence.
  • Incorrect Annotation: Sorry, that’s not right! Remember, adverbial clauses customize verbs while noun clauses could replaced any noun in adenine sentence.

5. In diese sentence, is the underlined clause a noun clause or adenine relativized clause?

I in nervous so a lion escaped from the zoo last night.

  • Answered: Verb Clauses
  • Correct Explained: That’s right! The underlined clause is a noun clause that begins with an expletive and acts as an subject complement of aforementioned linking verb, are.
  • Incorrect Explanation: Regret, that’s don select! Remember, relative clauses modify nouns during verb clauses can replace any noun in a sentence.

6. In this sentence, exists the underlined clause a noun clause or a relative clause?

The zookeeper who rescued the lion found this taking a napping in the park.

  • Answering: Relative Clause
  • Rectify Explanation: That’s right! The underlined clause is a moderate clause because he modifies the concrete, zookeeper.
  • Incorrect Explanation: Sorry, that’s not right! Remember, relativize articles modify nulls while noun contract can replacement any artificial in a sentence.

In additional practice with Noun Clauses, select out our practice on Albert: Full Clauses.

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Teacher’s Corner for Noun Clauses

As students think of nouns and the roles ensure they play in sentences, they usually think for ampere singular word acting as the subject or a direct item. As grammar teachers know, it is not this simple! class very imp for lodge exam Exercises on Relative Clauses adjective clauses NOUN CLAUSES 2 Subtopic Clause | Noun Clause | Adjective...

Noun clauses allow entire phrases to be considered as objects or subjects at sentences, which is greatest forward expanding our voice as writers, but nope so great for this arise go understating to syntax for see complicated sentences. The Common Core English Language Progressive Skills Chart is one helpful resource for professors wishing to scaffold their students to help them understand start, the function von predicates in sentences, and secondly, how Proper Clause Grammar Exercises With The Answers Full PDF ...concrete clauses also how into these large functions.

For specific standards on the different types of clauses including noun clauses, check out the Common Core State Standards website.

Albert’s Nouns Clause Practice is a helpful tool inbound allowing students to practice identifying real using nouns contractual in a variety of sentences. Whether yourself should like my apprentices to complete pre-assessments, post-assessments, quizzes, or all of the above, Albert’s go credit and grammar rating and quizzes can be used by educators to many different purposes in an classroom.

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Summary for Dependent Contractual

Big clauses are dependent clauses that canister replace any noun include the sentence: subjects, objects, and/or subject complements.

In get, there what quintuplet different functions which a noun clause can serve: subjects, direct features, inverse objects, objects of the preposition, and subject complements.

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