Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (2023)

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (1)

If you receive EBT or food stamps, you know how important it is to find foods that can be purchased with them.

Most of the foods in your local grocery store can be purchased with EBT, but there may be other places you want to shop and use your food stamps for your purchase.

Stores like Schwan’s sell frozen foods that can be delivered to your home and frozen until you want to serve them to your family.

You may be wondering if you can use your EBT at Schwan’s or be curious about Schwan’s food stamp and EBT policy.

Does Schwan’s Accept EBT?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (2)

Yes, Schwan’s does accept EBT, but the process of using your EBT card for these purchases may differ from other EBT purchases.

Schwan’s only accepts EBT in-person.

You cannot use it as a payment method if you plan to shop online or want to place an order over the phone.

You cannot use it the same way you would use a credit card to make your purchase, and you must present it to a Schwan’s delivery person when they bring the products to your home.

Hi, we do accept EBT in your area, however your EBT card will need to be presented to your Route Sales Representative (RSR) at the time of the delivery. A debit/credit card must be entered on preorder. However, the card is not charged, and you can change the payment at delivery.

— Schwan's Home Delivery (@schwansdelivery) May 21, 2020

Yet, there are still some ways you can make your purchase online and use the EBT card to pay for it.

Does Schwan’s Accept EBT Online?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (3)

If you want to order online from the Schwan’s website and pay with EBT, you will need to do so carefully.

When you place your order online, you won’t be able to input your EBT card information.

When you make your online Schwan’s account, you must have a valid debit or credit card on file.

If you place an online order and nobody is available when the Schwan’s delivery driver arrives, the card on file will be charged.

This is one way for Schwan’s to keep people from ordering food items they are not available to receive.

If you order online and want to pay with EBT, you will need to wait until the delivery driver brings your items.

The trucks all have traditional card readers in them, and you can then swipe your EBT card to pay for your order, just as you would do with any other food purchase.

What Is Schwan’s EBT Policy?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (4)

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Schwan’s EBT policy is simple and clear.

Customers are welcome to place their orders online or over the phone, but they must make their payment in person when the delivery is dropped off.

If they are not available to receive their items, the frozen products will be placed in an insulated freezer bag, and the credit card that the customer has on file will be charged for the full amount of the purchase.

It is important to make sure someone is home to receive your items and pay with the EBT card if you don’t want your credit or debit card to be charged for the purchase instead.

How Do You Use EBT Cards At Schwan’s?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (5)

Using an EBT card at Schwan’s is easy.

You just wait until the delivery driver brings your items to your home and have your EBT card ready to swipe.

The Schwan’s delivery person will have a card reader with them, and they will allow you to scan your card just as you would at a grocery store.

Does Schwan’s Accept SNAP?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (6)

Schwan’s does accept SNAP and other food stamp benefits.

Customers who wish to use their SNAP cards to purchase Schwan’s food will need to follow the same policy that applies to those using EBT cards.

You will be able to order your items online or over the phone, but you will have to pay with the SNAP card in person.

You will need to have a valid credit or debit card on file for your account.

If you are not at home when the delivery is brought to you and are not able to swipe your SNAP card in person, your credit card that is on file will be charged instead, and your food will be left in an insulated bag on your doorstep.

Can You Use An EBT Card To Buy Directly From A Schwan’s Truck?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (7)

You can use an EBT card to buy products directly from the Schwan’s truck by scanning the EBT card just as you would at a grocery store.

Sometimes Schwan trucks park in different locations to make it possible for people to visit the truck to place their orders or buy things that they have available on the truck.

In this case, you will shop the truck just like you would shop at a store.

When you place your order and are ready to pay, let the salesperson know that you want to pay for your purchase with an EBT card.

If you want to order other items that are not on the truck as a delivery option, you can also place your order for those items.

You may be able to pay ahead of time, or you may have to be home for the delivery so you can pay with your card when the drop-off is made.

Can A Family Member Pay For My Schwan’s Order With My EBT Card?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (8)

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If you place an order for Schwan’s and plan to pay for it with an EBT card, someone will need to be at the address to receive the order and make the payment.

If you cannot be there and don’t want to risk having your credit or debit card charged, you can ask a friend or family member to assist and wait at your home for the delivery to be made and allow them to use your EBT card for the payment.

As long as they are able to use your EBT card and know the PIN, they can use it to make the purchase for you and also receive the items you had delivered so you won’t have to worry about them being left outside and possibly thawing out or going bad when you are not home.

What Schwan’s Items Can Be Purchased With An EBT Card?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (9)

EBT cards are meant to help families buy foods that are nutritional and filling.

While certain foods are off-limits at Schwan’s, most of their items can be purchased with the card without any issues.

Some of the foods you can buy with an EBT card include:

  • Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Frozen snacks
  • Frozen sandwiches
  • Frozen casseroles
  • Frozen side dishes
  • Non-alcoholic drinks

Most of the foods available through Schwan’s meet these nutritional requirements, which means they are eligible to be purchased with your EBT card.

If there are some foods you wish to buy that are not eligible for EBT purchase, you will need to use your debit or credit card to pay for them instead.

What Schwan’s Items Cannot Be Purchased With An EBT Card?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (10)

EBT cards won’t cover the cost of all foods, and there may be some things at Schwan’s that are not eligible for this type of purchase.

Some food items that you are not able to buy with an EBT card include:

  • Alcohol products
  • Hot foods
  • Paper products
  • Serving ware

Schwan’s foods are not prepared hot; they are sold frozen.

This means you can buy most of Schwan’s foods with your EBT card without any problems.

Are There Other Ways To Save Money On Schwan’s Foods?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (11)

If you are new to Schwan’s, you may be unaware of some of the special promotions that you can take advantage of.

These promotions can range from specific amounts of money toward your purchase to percentages off your total.

If you continue to be a faithful customer of Schwan’s over time, you may receive special coupons and promotions on different food items or during different times of the year.

You can combine these savings with your EBT card to buy more food at an affordable price.

You may also sign up to receive promotional emails from Schwan’s where you can get special coupons or be the first to know about upcoming sales that can help you save money.

Coupon codes are also often posted online on coupon websites, and you can try them all to see which ones will apply to your order and help you save the most money on your purchase.

Does Schwan’s Charge A Delivery Fee?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (12)

(Video) We drop the Schwans trucks off in Minnesota.

Schwan’s does charge a delivery fee unless you make a purchase that totals a specific amount.

If your online purchase is $59.00 or more, the delivery is free.

If your purchase price is less than this amount and you ordered online, you will be charged a delivery fee of $1.75.

If you are buying the products right from the truck and you spend $59.00 or more, your delivery fee will be $1.75, and if you spend less than $59.00, you will pay $3.99 for delivery.

Regardless of how much you spend, the delivery fee is very affordable.

Can You Use An EBT Card To Pay The Schwan’s Delivery Fee?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (13)

You cannot use an EBT card to pay the delivery fee for Schwan’s.

You can use the EBT card to pay for the food that you ordered, but you will either have to use your credit or debit card to pay the delivery fee, or you can pay for it with cash when your delivery arrives at your home.

EBT cards can only be used to pay for things that are approved, and delivery fees are not approved.

Should You Tip a Schwan’s Delivery Driver?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (14)

While there is no rule that says you have to tip your Schwan’s delivery driver, it’s a good gesture and something most people do.

Even though there is a delivery fee to have the food delivered to your home, it doesn’t mean that your delivery driver gets the full amount of the delivery fee.

If you feel that your delivery driver has gone above and beyond their duties or if you just think they did a great job and deserve a little something extra, you may want to offer them a tip.

This is money that they get to keep for themselves, and it could also help you get better service in the future.

The delivery driver is likely to remember who tips and who doesn’t and may be happy to go out of their way to provide better service in the future.

Is Schwan’s Expensive?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (15)

Schwan’s offers many affordable options, and while the food may be somewhat more expensive than similar items at the grocery store, the convenience and quality make it worth the price.

Schwan’s products can be delivered, which means you can get them quicker and much easier than other products.

There’s no need to go to the store, and you can even arrange to have some of your favorite foods delivered regularly or on a weekly basis.

When you consider the price of Schwan’s food, make sure you also consider the convenience and value.

Why Use An EBT Card To Pay For A Schwan’s Order?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (16)

If you have an EBT card, you can use it to buy groceries to feed your family instead of spending money out of pocket that may be needed to buy other things or pay your bills.

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Luckily, you can use your EBT card to pay for your Schwan’s order.

One of the biggest reasons to use your EBT card to shop at Schwan’s is to take advantage of the great food items that are available.

Schwan’s sells frozen meals and snacks.

They are easy to prepare and will last in your freezer for several months.

You can easily stock up on these food items so you can make your EBT funds go further and have food in your freezer for long periods of time.

Another reason to use your EBT card to buy Schwan’s food is to try new foods without having to spend your cash.

You may have been wanting to try Schwan’s to see if the food offerings are appealing to your family, but you may be leery about spending money on things you aren’t familiar with.

When you use your EBT card to try some of these foods, you won’t be wasting money and can try a little at a time each month to see which options you enjoy best.

If you aren’t able to drive to the store due to a lack of time, money, or transportation, you can take advantage of Schwan’s delivery options.

You can simply order the foods you want online and then arrange to have them delivered to your door.

You won’t have to take the time to go grocery shopping, and you can still use your EBT card to get the foods you need for your family.

You can even set up regular deliveries to ensure you get the foods you want on time each month.

Ordering with Schwan’s is a fast and convenient way to ensure your family gets the foods they enjoy.

You won’t have to worry about going to the store or trying to find food to please everyone.

Your family will decide which items they like best, and you can order them in bulk, so there are always plenty of options in your freezer.

How Can I Find A Schwan’s Near Me?

Does Schwan's Accept EBT? (2023 Updated) (17)

The easiest way to find a Schwan’s near you is to do a quick Internet search for “Schwan’s” and your city and state.

You can also navigate to Schwan’s website and use it to find the Schwan’s near you by entering a zip code.

The website has a searchable area map so you can type in your zip code and find the location that is nearest to you.

You can also find contact information for each location and choose the one that you want to order from.

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